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The Wall

Photography, Polaroid 350 Land camera, FP-100C /
(2016 - present)

The first time when I get in touch with shooting Packfilm for polaroid land camera, a unexplainable sensation, a touching feeling was occurred. It is about how image was construct and stored in a sheet of paper physically, all happened under your observation.

Unfortunately, the last Packfilm in the world: Fujifilm FP-100C, was announced to come to end. The only film factory which are making it designed to stop making it anymore.

FP-100C, a remarkable, representative medium of the century. As a result, it lead me to a idea to farewell the film. The best way for me to farewell the film is portrait. Choosing in between a luxury painting or a photo of your friends in his age of 20, most of the people will choose the later one I believe.

“The Wall” function like this: each of FP-100C is going to capture a friend of mine (not repeatable, one frame is only for one individual person). The project will ends when I used all of my Packfilm on my hand.

The name of the project take inspiration from social media “Facebook wall”. I attempt to make the project as an alternative of Facebook, a wall that allow my friends to scroll around their mutual friends.