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Life Is Hard So We Fight For Joy (WIP)

Photography / (2016)

Before my trip to Italy in August, I was so broke... Basically I only had less then 10euro in my bank account. I felt that I needed to make something to cheer myself up.

That was why I came up with this project. "Life Is Hard So We Fight For Joy" is a project using my childhood memory, the Japanese TV series "The Super Sentai Series" as origin, to develop a series of photographs that comfort my fear of struggling in life.

The project contain 5 sequence of photos: the Super Sentai itself, human, public transport, computer device and nature. Using color as a categorization and visual arrangement , I attempt to create a positive energy to both myself and viewer.

One funny thing was... in order to make the project, I spent even more money beside the trip. In another words I was even more broke... But I did felt claim down afterward.