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I will be found in the lost sea

Video installation / 9'47" / (2015)

Sea evokes some kind of emotion in all of us.

Personally, watching the ocean is a way to release negative emotion. From the endless view of the ocean, it offer me sort of sympathy and understanding of my depress mood and my lost. The work is the respond to my Major Depressive Disorder. 7 videos of beach which located differently, recorded at different time, were a record of the moment that I was deeply suffered in emotional problem. Different time and space was linked together by a horizon to form a illusion of ocean; the wave in each video attempted to synchronize in the same temple.

All these express the inner world of a MDD patient: Pretending everything is ok while everything is not; while such a world is like a cycle, it never end.

-On The Road 2015 (Hong Kong)