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Well, I Already Miss You. That's Why I Decided To Take You Back To Hong Kong With Me.

Archival inkjet print on fine art paper, wood frame / (2017)

Photography series of 19 individual works

Work List
I found your Alfa Romeo Skateboard with Eddie
Henri, After Photography Bring Jonathan to see an old friend
Jam with Lucas Find Vincent a girlfriend
Take a portrait of Maria Smoking Lewis
Watch sunset with Jan Extending 16.11.2016
Jakob on my bed To my dearest viewer
Leo fell Search for the bald barber
Just go on Dim Sum & Sophie
The Lovers I wish I was the photographer
Three Men in a Boat

"A photograph can be the starting point of a romance." Susan Sontag.

I finished my stay in Germany. During those two years, photography stepped into relationships between me and others. It worked as a junction: it bore witness to sincere friendships, documented precious memories, expressed emotions beyond language.

Well, I already miss you. That's why I decided to bring you back to Hong Kong with me contemplates portraiture. Starting with a portrait of a distanced friend, a fictional narration is developed through words and photo sequence, so as to depict my fantasy on retrouvailles. If a portrait is a ridicule to time and reality, this series could be seen as a response to this mockery: Somehow it can be treated as a small rebellion; meanwhile it can also be considered as an unwilling compromise. The series attempts to resolve questions of photography by using the photograph itself.

Each single work from this series can be seen as a container of each individual. It contains friendships between the subject and me, emotions, mood, memories, some characteristics of the subject... To have a person transferred into an art object is a longing for eternity. After all, the series take a stab at using photograph as an extension of relationship, as well as an extension of photography itself. After all, the whole series wanting to act to resolve a situation but knowing there’s no resolution.



Well, I already miss you. That's why I decided to bring you back to Hong Kong with me 是一系列對肖像照片的沉思。以一張遠方朋友的肖像相片為出發點,透過文字和連作去發展,記述一段跟他們重聚的遐想。假如一張肖像照是對時間和現實作出無限的嘲諷,那這系列作品就是對那些嘲諷的回應:既可以視為一種無力的反抗,同時也可以看作一種無奈的妥協。此系列作品嘗試以照片去回應攝影自身的問題。