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Make Everyone Happy      使所有人快樂

Photography / (2020)

Set of Two, Archival inkjet prints, 180 x 52 cm each

I discovered an old 16mm educational documentary titled “Make Everyone Happy”. If watching a documentary and can make everyone happy, I think it will be worth my time! Turns out the documentary is produced by Germany. In Germen, “Zur Freuden aller Menschen” means “To be happy for everyone”. I didn’t feel happy after watching the whole documentary. Making everyone happy is an idealistic thought, somehow this random old film materialized the utopian idea for a moment. I extracted the opening and the closing scenes of the film, as an extension of the happy fantasy.

我無意間發現一齣名為《使所有人快樂》的舊16米釐記錄片。假如看一齣記錄片能使所有人快樂的話,應該值得我看看吧! 原來記錄片源自德國,德文Zur Freuden aller Menschen直譯為「使所有人快樂」。看完後我並沒有感到快樂。我知道所有人快樂這概念是過份地空想,但正是這卷陳舊的底片實體化了這烏托邦式想法。我把片頭和片尾的片名抽出來制作成靜態圖像,作為這個想法的延伸。