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Lucky 7

Super 8 film in 2k digitization , Documentary / 20'00" / (2016)

In January of 2015,I decided to go Germany to study abroad for two years. Leaving in a hurry, I didn't say farewell to all of my friends. I disappeared for a year.

In February of 2016, without alerting anyone, I came back to Hong Kong to start this project called "Lucky 7".

Before coming back to Hong Kong, I listed seven people who were important to me at the age of 21. With some help from my friends and family members, I got the timetables or the working location of these seven people.

This project is about capturing how a person reacts to someone they used to know, suddenly appearing in front of them after disappearing for long time. It is about their response and their expressions.

In order to record such a treasurable moment, Super 8 film was chosen as the medium of the project. The silence and the unstable image captures the essence of memory.

This is rather a personal work. It is about me, about my family, about my friends; about the kind of relationship that I built up with them; about my emotions towards them, about their emotion towards me; about how lucky I was to meet up with these people, and how they luckily met me.

This is a project that I think is important, even necessary to me at the age of 21.