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Travel Hundred Miles To See You Without My Eyes (WIP)

Travelling, Documentary, Experimental Video / (2016)

A trip with -8.0D -2.0CYL.

I have a serious bad eyesight since the age of 9. Without my glasses, I barely see anything. During my stay in Europe I started to travel. The more I travel, the more I got frustrated; For some travellers, it seems like the final goal is to arrive a specific location, take a photograph, confirm to him/herself (or to others) that they have been there. The meaning of travelling is not longer about getting connect with local culture and the excitement of unexpected event. Everything was well planned just for the photograph sake. Sometime I fell into this trap as well. As a result, the fundamental idea of this project came: What if travelling is no longer link with photography or even seeing (your vision)? How will the meaning of travelling changed?

The chance came when Chau Tak Yu (my partner in art making) mention to me his auntie, Miss Ching Wah in Denmark. Miss. Ching's adventure of went to Europe by herself in the 80s, her crazy story fascinated me a lot. I never saw her before. I decided to visit her anyway. With the help of my partner, and Miss Ching Wah's approve, the whole project started: A trip that go to seek for a stranger, to meet up a stranger, to see a stranger without my (fully functional) eyes.

The following are the plans:
-The trip will be start from 13/9/2016 to 16/9/2016.
-I am going to leave my glasses before leaving my place. During the trip, I won't see things clearly.
-The trip will be documented and presented in a documentary
-Due to security and video production reason, a partner is necessary for the trip. Yu will be my assistance for videographing and assist when there is need. Shot 2016-07-05 at 6_55_30 PM-2.jpg Shot 2016-07-05 at 6_50_26 PM.png