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16mm film projection loop installation / (2020)

16mm film & projector, 3 film guide

Every time a portrait was taken, a relationship was built between the photographer and the subject. No matter how far or how close they are, a physical distance between them occurred. The photographic apparatus has purposely intervened in their distance, producing a record of mental intimacy that overcomes the physical distance. Such a sentiment is fading out and being forgotten in mainstream photography due to the habits of production and consumption of images.

Once is a work attempt to record a relationship by re-visiting the distance during the pressing of a shutter. The distance between the photographer and the subject will be carefully measured. Afterward, a 16mm camera will be use to take a slow track-in shot until the camera close up to the eye of subject. The original distance measure between them will determine the duration of the shot..

In terms of exhibiting this work, the distance between the screen and the 16mm projector will be set according to the original measured distance. The physical encounter transfers into image while the distance between us transfers into the length of the film as well as the installation setup.