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Looking Through The Viewfinder (From Another End)

Photography / (2020)

Archival inkjet prints, 120x80 cm

“Looking through the viewfinder (from the other end)” captures how a photographer looks in the moment when he is about to take a photo. It is also a portrait of a photographer together with his apparatus. In this work, a viewfinder was detached from an analogue Single Lens Reflex camera. A photographer is invited to look through the viewfinder as he normally does when taking pictures. The actual photo is taken by another camera which point at the internal end of the viewfinder. By taking the camera apart, the way a photographer looks during the time when he takes a photo is being captured and revealed; the role of a photographer and the role of a camera is reversed: from taking photo to becoming a subject to be photographed.

This work invites artist friend Mark Chung to take part, with his Pentax 67 camera.


此作品邀請了藝術家朋友鐘正和他的Pentax 67相機拍攝。