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Travel to the Camera

Photography, Disportable camera / (2014)

>001 - Oct/2014 - Hong Kong
>002 - Oct/2014 - Hong Kong

“Travel to the camera” is an experimental base, social engaging and alternative photography project which intended to put a camera in fixed location and invite people to use it freely.

The project inspired by the observation of daily snapshot photography: Everybody have their own vision and perspective, taste in watching image. Yet, when it comes to taking photography, it seems that we are always stick to straight rules and comment visual language.

The project is the attempt to research of the norms of visual rules in photography. I placed a disposable camera and a instruction sheet in particular locations, invited passingby to use the camera. I also took the first photo of the camera so as a visually reference to further compare the rest of the photos. The series of work also challenge the role of photographer and the authorship of a album

The project took place in Admiralty, at 2014; it was the time when the student democracy protest, "Umbrella Revolution" took place. The project further became a historical document of what was going on that time.