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Those Moments I Regret About Not Pressing the Shutter (WIP)

Photography Installation, slide film and slide projector

2018 - on going series
82 x 41 x 41 cm

There must be a lot of moments that a photographer regrets about not taking a photo. about recapturing those moments. These moments are like ghosts, following the photographer’s life with regret. This project is about recapturing those moments. By scratching words which are associated with the memories of these moments on a slide film, it intents to overcome regressions. Here, the process of photographing has been reversed. Instead of looking out into the world through a camera lens, we look back into the photographer’s mind and eye and focus on where the photographs come from in their barest and most primitive form. Despite the internal world of the photographer, the project is also an exploration in the ontology of photography.