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You Happen, then Unhappen

Chemical transferred on paper, Photographic generated picture with FP-100c, photography / (2017)

Archival inkjet print on canvas, 120x100cm each

>The Prints

"You happen, then unhappen" was a discovery while I was bleaching the negative side of polaroid packfilm FP-100c. It is a hacking method in shooting Fuji instant packfilm FP-100c: After taking a photograph, a negative film can be reclaimed by bleaching out the chemical under the useless side. Normally photographer who process that will wash the developer goop off on top of the negative film. Yet, in this series, the developer goop (which still have a sight of colour and blurry impression of the original picture) was uniquely preserved.

Each print originally is a portrait of my friends. The image then further blow up on canvas. The painterly, ambiguous, unstable mood of the image synchronise my perception of memories.